Childcare is available 6:30-8 on Thursday nights at Faith Fellowship.

Youth Group meets at 902 Gotham in Watertown 6:30-8 with Hannah and Elijah King.


Thursdays (7:00 PM)

James Smith

Location: Faith Fellowship

Do you fit any of these categories: Wounded by the church? Wondering if there is more to this? Needing to get your life back together? Things are ok but something is missing that you can’t put your finger on? We have the place for you. Join us for an all-new, interactive format of church. There is a spot for everyone.

The Bible Study

Wednesdays (6:30 PM)

Joe & Kendra Eberle / Jason & Becky Elliot

Location: 21408 Gillette Rd, Watertown

Christian discipleship often deals with what you need to know, not who you need to be with. If we get relationships right, the information will follow. If we connect people in real community, they will learn. But, the opposite is not always true. With that in mind, we want to build deep friendships that double as accountability as we do life together.

He Brews

Saturdays (8:00 AM)

Kelvin Gourdine, Dave Sherman, and Fred Tomaselli 

Location: Faith Fellowship

When you make real, consistent relationships with other Christians, you demonstrate a sincere love for Jesus. You experience mutual acceptance from radically different people. You benefit from instruction, encouragement, and correction. You gain opportunities for joy, mutual comfort, unity, encouragement, and peace. Join us for coffee. We’ll bring the donuts.